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TOP96 Baseball Clinics

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There's a reason Top96 is known as the best in the business. Our clinic format offers players (HS and JC age) the chance to work with and learn from some of the best college coaches in the country.

The coaches attending our Classic Camps come from schools with a broad range of entrance requirements including D1, D2, D3, JUCO and NAIA schools while most of the coaches we hire to work our Academic Camps come from schools that are rated by US News & World Reports as "MORE" or "MOST" Selective.

Our camps are open to any and all players, HS and JUCO age on a first come first served basis as long as space is available.

  • Installment Plans: Make a $100.00 deposit to secure your spot in camp and pay off the balance any time before the start of the event!
  • Discounts - Call 877-311-9696 for Code
    • Team discounts range from 10-30% depending on number of players
    • 10% Military & Sibling discounts
    • Individual discounts, for a camp, may be available. Please refer to the Event Details page to see any applicable code(s) and discounts available for the camp you want to attend.
  • Eligibility
    • Open to any player high school or junior college age player
    • Number of players at each position is limited
    • Players accepted on a 1st come 1st served basis
  • Pitcher Only
    • Pitcher's Only (PO), by definition, only want to pitch and do not want to work out, be evaluated or play any other defensive position. They also do not want to hit during the games or workout sessions, but will participate in clinic sessions with college coaches.
We offer several types of video packages which players can use to improve their game or send to coaches who have not seen them play. The types of video packages we offer include:
  • Pitcher and position player skills videos
  • Pitcher and position player skills videos + 1-on-1 coach analysis
  • Game day footage: Pitchers, catchers and hitters
  • Pitching & hitting video with one pitch or swing synched with and compared to a pro. Powered by Right View Pro
  • See Video Samples
  • We have a number of additional Add On items that you can purchase to help improve your game and exposure. Click on the links below to find more detailed information:

    The most important thing that players will take away from the camp is learning how you need to improve you game in order to play at the next level. All of our camp activities are focused on making you a better player. Listed below are the major activities of the camp:

    Orientation Session for Players and Parents

    This session is conducted by one of our college coaches and will provide an overview of all camp activities so you know what to expect. He will also discuss, in general terms, how college coaches expect their players to interact with coaches during practices and games so you can follow those rules not only during this camp but in all of your baseball activities.

    Position Specific Instruction Sessions

    Prior to any baseball activities, the players will be divided into groups and our college coaches will explain and demonstrate the proper mechanics/techniques for the “plays” normally associated with each position. This instruction covers 5 or 6 mechanics for each position Each player will receive a written eval card, prepared by one of our coaches based on the player’s defensive workout. This defensive workout will be designed to ensure each player has the opportunity to perform reps that show his mechanics. This information is available only for the players use and not disseminated to any other coaches and is meant to help the player identify the areas he needs to improve his game.

    Hitting Instruction Sessions

    Prior to any on field hitting the coaches will explain and demonstrate good fundamental hitting mechanics and point out flaws they regularly see in high school players. This instruction covers 5 or 6 mechanics. Each player will receive a written eval card, prepared by one of our coaches based on the player’s on field BP session. This information is available only for the players use and not disseminated to any other coaches and is meant to help the player identify the areas he needs to improve his game.

    Position Specific Clinic Sessions – Direct Instruction from College Coaches

    We have 13 different sessions: 3 pitching, 2 middle infield, 2 outfield, 2 first base, 2 third base and 2 catching sessions. In these sessions, our coaches will review the techniques/mechanics from the morning instruction sessions and then follow up with players actively participating in drills designed to perfect each skill. Each player will take part in three of these clinic sessions.

    Seminar for Parents

    While the players a going through their position specific clinic sessions our lead instructor(s) will conduct a seminar for the parents. This seminar will cover such things as NCAA clearinghouse, NCAA player contact guidelines, campus visits (official and unofficial), etiquette for contacting a coach by phone or email, what role players vs. parents should play in interaction with college coaches etc.

    Play One Game

    Each player will play in one simulated/choreographed game designed to maximize the types of defensive plays i.e. putting runners on first if necessary to try and see DP or base runners stealing. During the game the coaches will be coaching in the dugout, roving as instructors on the field or behind home plate.

    Playing time is balanced, to the extent possible for each position player and each hitter will get three at bats. Pitcher's Only will pitch 2 innings on the mound (4 batters per inning) and Primary Pitchers will get 1 inning on the mound (4 batters per inning). Secondary pitchers will pitch 1 inning on the mound, if space is available or a throw a bull pen session.

    1 Day Camps: Check-in time is 7:30 AM and camp will end at approximately 6:00 PM (depending on the number of players.)
    2 Day Camps: Check-in time on Day 1 is 7:30 AM and camp will end at approximately 6:00 PM (depending on the number of players.) Day 2 will be games only. Your game time will be assigned at approximately mid-day and posted at the field during Day 1.
    ***The final schedule for a 2 Day camp is determined by the number of players registered. For camps with 60 players or less we will condense the activities into 1 Day and play games in the afternoon of Day 1. With fewer than 60 player the total time to evaluate players is much less and we only need to play 1-2 games and can therefore fit all activities into 1 Day. Our 2-Day Camps generally have more than 60 players, so you should plan on spending two days. We will update the website with the schedule for the event as soon as it can be determined (Generally 8-10 days prior).
    CANCELLATION POLICY We only offer credits for future Top 96 camps. We do not offer cash refunds unless you purchase the Registration Fee Protection Plan (RFPP). Please review the details of our CANCELLATION POLICY here.

    INCLEMENT WEATHER All of our camps have indoor facilities we can use as a backup in case of rain so we will never cancel a camp because of weather. Please be sure to enter your cell phone number so we can text you if we are going inside or any last minute changes.
    Are lodging and meals included?
    • The Top 96 does not provide either lodging or meals.
    • We have a host hotel with a limited number of rooms with a discounted rate.
    • Plenty of time will be available for players to get lunch. Many host sites run a concession stand where you can get lunch on site.
    What should I bring?
    • Baseball pants and a hat. We will provide a numbered t-shirt
    • Bat (wood is okay but most colleges use metal bats)
    • Glove
    • Catchers should bring their own gear
    • Cleats and indoor shoes
    • Drinks other than water
    Are there any activities for parents? Parents are welcome to attend and observe all of the activities of the camp. Parent activities at every Top 96 camp include:

    • Morning orientation session
    • Afternoon recruiting session led by a college coach
    • Attend session when your son receives her written evaluation. This evaluation is for you. Remember NCAA regulations prevent us from sending this evaluation to coaches
    • Parents can also attend, at many camps, a free financial aid seminar
    When will I receive logistic information on the camp?
    • Much of the logistic information on our camps can be accessed by clicking on the "Event Info" button on your Main Page
    • We will start emailing you reminders and new info starting about 10-days before the start of the camp. Please make sure that you are checking the emails listed on your Main Page
    • In case of last minute changes e.g. weather delays or changes we will text you. Please make sure you have entered both player and parent cell numbers on your son's Main Page
    What happens if it rains?
    • All of our host sites have back up indoor locations
    • Gym space to do defensive evaluations and clinics
    • Indoor or covered cages to do hitting evaluations and clinics
    • In case of rain during games we will move indoors and play simulated games with pitchers throwing live to hitters in a cage. An umpire will call balls and strikes and fair and foul
    Do I need a video?
    • Sooner or later a college coach is going to ask you for a video
    • Your video will be hosted on a secure, private third party server and will provide an email link to enable you to view your video. It will also be viewable by logging into your private account at Remember NCAA regulations prevent us from sending this video to college coaches
    Can I be assigned to a specific game time or to be placed on a team with another player?
    • Yes, just call us at 877-311-9696 and we will pre-assign you to a team that plays at a certain time or to a team with another player.
    • Please request these pre-assignments more than 10 prior to the event in order to be guaranteed your request can be granted.
    • Inside of 10 days we will do everything we can to accommodate your change request but can't guarantee it.

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